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Signalling Projects: 2016 -2017

Pearsons Engineering Services Signalling team have successfully delivered projects for Bombardier Transportation over the last 18 months including:

1. Crossrail - Installation of DOO CCTV Equipment at RIDC Melton

Installation of a DOO CCTV system simulating the layout that could exist at a 2 platform station. The configuration comprises 2 DOO wayside cabinets positioned on concrete plinths and 2 DOO Leaky feeder cables suspended on either side of the track on a metal framework (Unistrut) dug into the ground. This recreates the position that the cable would be mounted on the face of a platform. Also included is one representative camera stanchion (Crossrail prototype version) mounted beside the track positioned as it would be on a real platform.

2. Crossrail - Installation of AWS/TPWS Equipment at RIDC Melton

Installation of 5 x Train protection warning system (TPWS) as per the Thales hand book number 13764 this includes TSS & OSS loop aerials track side enclosures, line side cables and tail cables. Location of equipment Old Dalby & Saxelbye.

Installation of 5 x Automatic warning systems (AWS) as per the signalling installation hand book NR/GN/SIG/11210 this includes Permanent magnets and electro magnets and all associated sleeper mounting equipment. Location of equipment Old Dalby and Saxelbye. Installation of the two control panels at Saxelbye and Old Dalby test track

3. Crossrail - Installation of European Train Control System (ETCS)

Installation of ETCS balises and control equipment at Melton test track. This was to permit representative testing of the Class_345 train in ETCS Levels NTC (both AWS/TPWS and CBTC), Level 1 and Level 2, including dynamic transitions between levels.

Documentation ref: Installation Specification 2010-1.4 DAA

All lineside installation was installed in accordance to the signalling installation handbook ref: NR/L3/SIG/11303. Disconnections boxes and signage marker boards were mounted on post & skates and post mix was used to fix them in place.

The installation of power supply units and the installation of power and control cables throughout both sites.

We have also carried out installation in the REB's as per the client's design. This project has allow Bombardier to test their system and allow for any changed require for further installation. PES staff have attended ERTMS training with Signet solutions covering Level 1,2 & 3. Our staff have been working with the client programming the balise and LEU equipment of and on site. After programming had been completed we tested the ETCS equipment to insure the telegram had been down loaded correctly.

All of the above projects have been installed to the client's design and are for the testing of their equipment at Old Dalby test track. Our recent project has included the installation of the balise units over a 3 mile section of the track.

Services Include:

  • Railway track inspection and examination
  • Railway track re-active and pro-active maintenance
  • Railway track renewal and repair
  • Railway track installation
  • Crane rail inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Vegetation control (chemical and mechanical)
  • Minor civil engineering
  • Consultancy
  • 24-hour callout
  • S&T Maintenance and Repairs Services

Advantages Include:

  • Fewer derailments and infrastructure failures mean that disruption to train running is reduced
  • A reduction in the damage to locomotives and wagons
  • Reduced spending on repair and renewal of railway track
  • The elimination of further contractor costs
  • Over 40 years experience
  • Safety qualified staff to Network Rail standards

What our Clients Say about us:

Pearsons Engineering Services have been providing track maintenance, minor works and consultancy services to GB Railfreight Ltd for over two years, during which time they have proved to be a reliable supplier delivering a consistently good standard of work. David Morgan, GB Railfreight Ltd
I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the safe and efficient manner in which you carried out the track repairs at Immingham East. I look forward to a long and successful partnership for our rail track inspection and repairs. Steve Waterman, Immingham Storage Co Ltd